Red Shell

Web SDK Quick Start

Red Shell's Web SDK enables many different flows to be measured effectively.

  • Attribution for web-based games
  • Tracking for pre-install events such as web form signups
  • Attaching known User IDs to user's device for deterministic matching

1. Insert JS Snippet

Before you will be able to start working with the Red Shell Web SDK you need to insert the JavaScript snippet. The string 'RS-XXXXXX' should be replaced with the Web SDK ID from the "In-Game Integration" section of your Red Shell Management page.

// Red Shell SDK Snippet
(r.rdshll.q=r.rdshll.q||[]).push(arguments)},r.rdshll.l=1*new Date();l=d.createElement(s),
rdshll('init', 'RS-XXXXXX')

2. Specify User IDs

Provide unique User ID(s) for the current user. Providing external IDs enables deterministic matching.

rdshll('set', 'user_id', [
  // REQUIRED for Events: use this id type for your in-game user id
  {type: 'user_id', id: 'in_game_user_id'},

  // Optional: Link external game ids for things like company-wide accounts
  {type: 'MY_ID_TYPE', id: 'my_own_network_id', scope_type:'company', scope_id:'My Company'},

3. Send Events

Send events.

rdshll('send', 'game_launch')

4. All Done!

That's it! You have now integrated the Red Shell Web SDK into your web property. For more integrations check out our complete reference.

Appendix: User Notice

While the information provided to Red Shell may not be considered personally identifiable, we recommend that you provide your users with either notice of the integration, opt in, or op out of our services in your game. While not legally not required given the nature of the data, in our experience many gamers are more comfortable with control over what information their game sends. Red Shell also provides platform level opt-outs for users who chose where possible. The "Do Not Track" list feature in the Red Shell dashboard can be used to process right to forget requests. Any right to access requests can be handled by contacting our privacy team directly at

Please note that this is not legal advice, please consult with the legal department of your company to determine what the best approach is for your company and users.

Web SDK Quick Start