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Parameter Passthrough

By default, Red Shell campaigns enable you to start tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns quickly and easily. This is awesome since it lets you get up and running in just a few minutes. As your campaigns and tracking needs become more sophisticated it can become necessary to pass additional parameters to your target page dynamically. Luckily, with parameter passthrough this level of flexibility is possible.

1. Determine which parameters you'll want to control

The first step is to figure out which parameters you want to be able to control. In this example, we are going to pretend we have an Ad where a user can click on their favorite game genre and be directed to a customized landing page for your game based on their selection.

Let's say we have a fav_genre parameter and we want to pass its value to our Target URL via our Red Shell tracking link.

Great! We have determined that we want to be able to control the fav_genre parameter.

2. Replace your parameter with a macro

Now that we have determined that we want to be controlling the fav_genre parameter on our link we have to specify the portion of the text that we want to have replaced. In order to do this we define a "macro," a unique name that is enclosed in curly braces. Macros will be replaced in your target url with the value of that parameter from your Red Shell tracking link.

In this example we want to take the clicked_genre parameter from our tracking link and fill it in as the fav_genre on our landing page.{clicked_genre}

Note that we could have named this macro fav_genre, we just opt to give it a different name in this example to reduce confusion.

3. Setup your campaign

Now that we have our tracking link with our macro included we need to set up our Red Shell campaign. You will need to set your Target URL to be as follows to ensure the macro is recognized{clicked_genre}

4. Use your tracking links

The last step is to add your macros unique name into your tracking link. Since we are using the unique name 'clicked_genre' for our macro in this example we will need to append that parameter to our tracking link.

If everything was setup correctly, clicking on this link should take you to

That's it! You have now successfully passed through a single parameter to your target URL. For more advanced usage you can use multiple macros in a single URL as well as some built-in dynamic values from our system such as our internal clickId. If you need assistance using these built-in macros please contact us.

Parameter Passthrough