Red Shell

Red Shell provides Steam attribution by collecting a fingerprint when a user clicks on a tracking link then collecting the same fingerprint when the user plays your game. On the backend we match this data and when we find a match we show a conversion in our dashboard.

This means that we require code to execute when the game launches so we can collect a fingerprint of the user's computer. To make the collection of this information as easy as possible we provide multiple SDKs as well as a REST API.

API Keys

A valid API key is required before you will be able to use Red Shell from your game. API keys can be generated through the "Management" tab on the Red Shell dashboard then clicking "Add Game" at the top of the screen.


Want to integrate Red Shell into your browser or javascript based game? Get started in minutes using our Web SDK. Click here to get started.

For more information, or help integrating Red Shell, send us an email at


Is your game written in a language that isn't supported by one of our SDKs? Do you need to send your postbacks from a server rather than the game client? Don't worry! Using our REST API you can still get up and running with Red Shell quickly and easily. Click here to get started.