Red Shell

What are Campaigns?

A Red Shell campaign is the fundamental concept that enables you to compare the performance of your different marketing campaigns through Red Shell's dashboard. Each campaign on Red Shell is assigned a unique tracking link that you will direct your users through. In this way we are able to measure the relative performance of each campaign that you run and give you reports like comparing retention rates or LTV by campaign.

Creating your first Campaign

After your dev team has successfully integrated Red Shell into your game, it is time to start creating and running your campaigns. In this example we are going to walk through the process of creating a campaign to track conversions for an email newsletter.

1. Login to your Red Shell dashboard

Before we begin making our campaigns you are going to need to login to your Red Shell dashboard. Once you are logged in you will need to navigate to the Campaigns tab to get to the campaign creation form.

2. Fill out the campaign creation form

The campaign creation form is simple. You just need to fill out short form and click "create campaign" to get your new tracking link. In this example we are sending out our first newsletter blast and we want to direct our users to our when they click on the tracking link. Note the CPI field - this field lets you specify how much you are paying for each install through this campaign so you can monitor your spending on paid media through Red Shell. In this case since we aren't paying for installs through our own Newsletter we leave it at 0.

3. Done!

Click the "Create Campaign" button and you will see your new campaign appear in the campaign list. The campaign will have a tracking link like so

Any users which click on this link will be tracked to this campaign and be redirected Note that it will take up to 10 minutes for your tracking link to become active

Next Steps

You have successfully setup your first campaign, this basic campaign setup will work perfectly use cases. If you find yourself needing more complicated configurations, here are some guides that will help you with more advanced campaign setups.